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Lara Leigh Murrill

Lara is a native Texan who has lived a life filled with adversity. Her inspiring, tenacious journey has been raw, messy, and, at times, hard for her to even believe. However, she has always insisted on having a sense of humor throughout it all.   

Through alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, self-harm, abortion, family trials, and a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age twenty-three, with complications such as blindness and paralyzation, she’s had to fight like a caged tiger.   

Even after losing a spouse of twenty years to cancer, she continued to fight, scarred but still smiling. No matter the scars, her ‘cartoon brain’ sense of humor remained intact.   

At times, walking through these valleys of despair and grief, she questioned how God could possibly work it all out. But through bold prayer, she developed a stronger faith and wisdom only derived from and sharpened by pain, as though it were a gift of vision as she recognized God “pulling back the curtain.”     

Today Lara Murrill lives outside Houston, TX, with her two Jack Russell’s, Helen and Lucy.   

If you’re looking for inspiration and hope with a sprinkle of humor, look no further than Lara’s new book, ‘Looking for the Joke.’  

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