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Margaret Morrison Roeth

Painstakingly created in 1948 by award winning artist, Margaret Morrison Roeth, and based on her two children, Charles and Helen Betsy, ‘Mister Deedle’s Tree House’ is a legacy of pure love-only now seeing the light of day- through the heartfelt efforts and staunch determination of her son, Charles Morrison Roeth and his family. Charles Roeth, now in his nineties, has endeavored these last several decades, to see his beloved mother’s book released into the world and at Morgan Pierce, we’re honored, delighted and thrilled to have had a role to play in making his dream reality!


Mister Deedle’s Tree House was originally taken to a publisher in San Francisco sometime shortly after its creation, but was turned down for publication. Margaret then put away her precious stories and astounding illustrations, and instead, focused on raising her family. The manuscript had been kept stored away until Helen Betsy Roeth (Margaret’s daughter/Chuck’s sister) was getting personal effects in order, and in 2012, she passed the original book illustrations and text along to Chuck. He attempted transcribing the manuscript and digitizing the artwork, but with little luck.


Throughout Chuck’s efforts, life continued; he served proudly in the U.S. Navy, as a First Class Petty Officer from 1948-52 during the Korean War, married the love of his life, Jan on September 24, 1966 (they will soon celebrate their fifty-eighth wedding anniversary), raised his family and built a career as a Mechanical Engineer, primarily in the lumber mill industry. Born in Berkeley, CA in 1930, Chuck and his parents and sister moved to Carmel, CA in 1936; where they lived throughout his high school education. He graduated Class of 1948. Chuck’s beloved mother, Margaret Morrison Roeth was born in 1894 in Tacoma, WA. She was a student of the California School of Arts and Crafts, Berkeley, CA and graduated from the California School of Fine Arts, San Francisco.


Containing five action-packed, highly imaginative chapters and numerous stunning, hand-drawn illustrations, ‘Mister Deedle’s Tree House’ is a sparkling, rare gem and true delight! This book will capture the hearts and imaginations of young and old alike, and transport readers back to gentler days, through the adventures of Peggy and Peter, as they visit their Aunt Kate at her house high on a mountain top in the Andes, meet the mysterious Mister Deedle, travel to China, and host their very first ever Christmas party.

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