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Laurie Allyn

Laurie Allyn was an American jazz singer and former model whose career was quite active in the 1950s. She’s best known for her sole album, named ‘Paradise’, which was recorded in 1957 and amassed critical acclaim after a much-belated release in 2004. The album was described by music critics as being ‘captivating’ and was submitted for consideration for a Grammy Award.

In 1954, Laurie worked as a house singer at the nightclub The Cloister Inn. During her time in the Jazz world, Laurie befriended and worked with many of the leading Jazz greats of the age. She had a keen ability to understand and deliver a lyric that was simply unparalleled. Jazz and writing were her two passions. In between singing gigs, Laurie also modeled professionally. In 2017, she co-hosted (with one of her daughters) a syndicated Jazz radio show called ‘Tea For Two’.

‘Becoming Billie’ is a taut and torrid detective thriller set in today’s modern Jazz world of the East Coast. Written by acclaimed Jazz songstress, Laurie Allyn- herself no stranger to the dark and sinister side of the music business, ‘Becoming Billie’ takes readers on a no-holds-barred rollercoaster ride through the world of underground sex trafficking, and the dashed hopes and dreams of young innocents as they unknowingly risk all to become the ‘next’ Billie Holiday.

‘Becoming Billie’ was originally published as a serialized murder mystery for a women’s online magazine- but because it was serialized, didn’t include the darker portions of the text and consequently did not appear as Ms. Allyn had originally intended.

Upon her deathbed, Ms. Allyn presented Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing with her manuscript and asked that we publish it in its true presentation and entirety- and we are lovingly and proudly honoring her wish. This manuscript is darker, grittier, more action-packed, and much more compelling than its serialized version. If you’re looking for a real page-turner to read in front of the fireplace on a stormy night- look no further than ‘Becoming Billie’.

We tip our hat to Ms. Laurie Allyn, and we’re extremely proud to have a part to play in perpetuating her legacy and her love of Jazz.

Laurie Allyn passed away on February 11, 2022.

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