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Sandra Morgan
Publishing and Media House Director

Sandra Morgan

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Carrie E. Pierce
Publishing and Media House Co-Director

Carrie E. Pierce

At Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing™, we have a combined 60+ years of experience in the world of Media: Publishing, Radio, Film, and TV – and the Sales and Marketing savvy to boot.

Not only do we know what’s required artistically to make it, but we also understand how crucial branding is in the vast ocean of Art and Entertainment today.

If you have writing talent – but don’t have a team to help you with all that must be done to polish and hone that talent, you won’t get far.

Likewise, if you have writing talent – but don’t know how to brand and market yourself successfully, you won’t get far.

We’ve assembled everything you need under the one roof that is Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing™. Please think of us as a One-Stop-Shop for all your publishing and marketing needs!

We’re here to provide you, the Author, with all the services necessary to design, produce, market, and distribute your book. At Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing™, we have the experienced staff to help you produce a professional, finished product you can be proud of. Then we help distribute and market that product to the world.

We’ve got you covered from Book Cover Design to Editing, Proofreading, Social Media Marketing, and Promotion! We have experienced staff to support all your publishing/Author needs.

When you partner with Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing™, you immediately benefit from our turnkey, One-Stop-Shopping approach to book publishing and marketing. We make it very simple and straightforward. The world is complicated enough as it is. Why make getting published any more complicated?

We offer Several Service Packages to choose from. Click here to find out more.

Once publishing is complete, we’ll work to assist you through the promotion process, providing Social Media support, a customized Author’s page, and numerous miscellaneous/pertinent contact and promotional materials—leaving you with zero guesswork throughout the process.

Take that first step toward making your dreams come true. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing Mission Statement

Today’s world is complex and extremely fast-paced. So fast-paced, at times, we only skim the very surface of Life.  

Here at Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing, we believe reading -and entertainment as a whole- should not only be an antidote to stressful times but enjoyable, enlightening, elevating, and inspiring too. Words have the power to imbue people with the truth about love, integrity, justice, and the importance of family. There is power in the written and spoken word -for good or evil- and we feel today’s world needs all the Good it can get.  

Perhaps this makes us old-fashioned, but it’s what we believe, and that belief drives us every single step of the way. 

We’re careful to represent only quality manuscripts. However, we maintain the right to refuse any submission that is felt to be racist, excessively violent, or pornographic in nature – and we are especially selective regarding the children’s literature we represent. 

We work hard to represent authors whose works serve to remind us not only of where we came from – but who we can become when we turn our focus to Beauty, Truth, and Goodness.  

To that end, we proudly represent only Quality, wholesome storylines, quality writing, and premium print products. 

Our Books

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