Publishing and Media House Co-Director


Carrie E. Pierce

Publishing and Media Co-Director

Carrie E. Pierce has worked in the film/television, print, and radio industries her entire career.

She has served in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Seattle, and throughout Texas, providing Key and special effects makeup artistry on numerous film and television productions. Her keen eye for detail has been sought after to assist with Set Decoration and Continuity during film productions. In addition, she has an extensive background both in front of the camera and behind it while modeling and providing makeup for hundreds of print ads. She’s also served as an Extra on numerous TV productions.

Carrie’s expertise carries over to radio, where she successfully co-hosted several internationally syndicated radio shows and blog casts. In addition, she has provided voicing for educational videos and audiobooks.

When not serving in film or radio, Carrie has built a solid international reputation as a published writer, having been published many times over the past twenty-plus years. Her latest children’s book is receiving critical acclaim.

Having over thirty years of experience in Media and Publishing, Carrie provides our Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing clients with unique and vital expertise. 

She understands the psychology of marketing and the importance of careful contract negotiating.

She excels at copywriting, which gives Morgan Pierce clients a real edge when it’s time to market their completed manuscripts. In addition, she knows what Producers look for when selecting and sourcing screenplays for possible film and video projects.  

She’s innovative, resourceful, visionary, and unrelenting when it comes to shepherding the dreams of our Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing clients.

Carrie lives in Idaho, surrounded by good friends, gorgeous scenery, and amazing people. When not writing, she enjoys snowshoeing, gardening, good food and wine – and dancing. When writing, her trusty twenty-year-old cat Bluey is almost always found snoring on a pillow next to Carrie’s desk. Carrie -and Bluey- look forward to working with you!

1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680

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