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Tommy Tomlinson was a five-year-old boy with a small body, a big bedroom closet, and even bigger fears about just what, exactly, lived in that closet between the hours of midnight and five a.m. each night.

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The Tale of Tommy Tomlinson’s Tennis Shoes is a superbly-written children’s chapter book filled with imaginative adventures, beautiful illustrations as well as time-honored values so adults can feel confident that storytime will help them create the shared memories they desire.

~Age-Appropriate Themes

~Free From Agendas

~Conversation-Starting Vocabulary

~Great for Ages 6-12

~Wholesome Life Stories

~Loved by Adults & Kids Alike

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Grandma Tomlinson repeated with determination, taking Tommy’s hand into her own. “Most of what goes bump in the night, we can always explain, Tommy.” She squeezed his hand for emphasis. “But sometimes…” she spoke again, “sometimes there’s a bump in the night from something that might need a little help…”

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