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Pretty Powerful Podcast: Carrie E. Pierce

Carrie Pierce is a true Renaissance woman, who continues to find new outlets for her creative talents. Carrie has over twenty years of experience in Publishing, Radio & TV as a renowned make-up artist and actress. She is also a published author and ghostwriter. She began crafting quality stories from the heart that contain important life lessons in her children’s book, Abby Apple Tree, and was named a finalist for an Eric Hoffer Award. Her publishing house, Morgan Pierce Media & Publishing, is a publishing house where authors don’t have to worry about their manuscripts being censored or changed to fit the current mainstream narrative. And her subscription letter service delivers thoughtfully penned letters twice a month to women who suddenly find themselves alone after a major life change later in life. Join us on this episode of the Pretty Powerful Podcast as Carrie shares insight from all facets of her journey.

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